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Monday, January 26, 2009'♥ Doraemon

Oi! I think this blog is really Dead. What's Wrong?

Monday, December 15, 2008'♥ Doraemon

QUIZZIE!!!! Private quiz...pls don't tell others your result!

Is your best friend a fake?

1]Does she scold you a lot?

2]Who asked who to be best friends?
a)She asked me
b)I asked her

3]In group work, do you always have to ask your best friends to join you? a)Yes, I always have to walk to her
b)No, walk to each other at the same time!

4]Does she seem to know a lot of other people?
b)Not really, we have a group of usual friends, but the two of us are the closest

5]Does she tell you a lot of her secrets?
a)Not really...

6]Does she confide to you her troubles?

7]Does she ask you to give her lots of things?
b)We share!

8]Can she tell when you are troubled?

9]Does she change the subject when she knows you are uncomfortable?

10]Does she always seem to be not available when you call her?
a)Yes, I can hardly talk to her over the phone
b)No, she's always there!

11]Does she reply your SMSs and emails?
b)Yes, always

12]Does she laugh more when she is with you, or with others?
a)With others
b)With me

13]Does she join the same CCA as you?
b)Yes, we stick together like superglue!

Mostly (a)--Yes, she is a fake.

Mostly (b)--No

Friday, December 12, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Doraemon here >.<
The Woollen Sweater story is coming soon, on 20th December 08. Its like a Christmas and Friendship story...
EXTRACT FROM The woollen Sweater

"I DIDN'T!" Nobita shouted at me.
"Don't lie!" I hurled back at him. Tears were rolling down Shizuka's face. Finally she stood up.
"Give it a rest, Doraemon! I don't think Nobita would have betrayed you! He's your best buddy!" Shizuka said to me.
"Well then, if he didn't, why does everyone know that I-I-I urinated in my blankets?"I spat at Shizuka, my face reddening. "I did not tell anyone that I wet my blankets, except him!" I whirled around and looked at Nobita furiously. He retreated several steps, but he was still glaring at me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Ok I give up. Riddle answer is: Lend the car to the doctor, then the doctor can drive the sick man and himself to the hospital. Then you can spend time with your best friend.
I'm coming up with a TOUCHING friendship story soon: The Woollen Sweater By Goh Ser Yiao. Please read it! I will post it to this blog chapter by chapter. I'm still writing it, so the story is coming soon!!! I'm Doraemon, btw.

Sunday, December 7, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Riddle answers! Wait. I won't write it yet. Not when you all don't answer it! Answer it if you want the answer!!!
You want quiz? Then do it!!!!!
I come again tomorrow....

Saturday, December 6, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Quiz by DORAEMON[:
Are you natural?
a-my answer;

1]How do you pose in front of a camera?
a)Smile sweetly and look happy!-a
b)Pout and wear the latest fasion clothes

2]What do you wear to a friend's B'day party?
a)Anything that is comfortable-a
b)Tight and fasionable clothes

3]How do you walk?
a)Swing my arms and walk naturally-a
b)Slowly/like a catwalker

4]Do you giggle?
a)Not really-a

5]How do you laugh?
a)Laugh loudly-my laugh is full of humour!-a
b)Cover my mouth and giggle with my friends


Mostly (a)[my result]
You are natural and people are always clear of your intentions. Its good to be natural, as you always look nice.
Mostly (b)
You are unnatural. Try to act more naturally. People sometimes think you are a little insane and unnatural. Act naturally, and you will look nicer and people can be themselves around you.

Friday, December 5, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Q: You just bought a new two-seated car(1 driver seat, 1 passenger seat). You were driving along a quiet alleyway when you came across 3 people: A man with a serious illness and needs to go to the hospital or he will die; A doctor who needs to rush to the hospital to save a patient IMMEDIATELY; and your best friend. You want to save the man, and save the doctors patient. But you also want to be with your best friend. What should you do?
Please put your answers in COMMENTS. Thankyou, riddle by DORAEMON[:

Thursday, December 4, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Quizzie again....by Doraemon.

Are you a 'good boy/girl'?

m-mark;a-my answer;r-my result;

Q01]How often do you get scolded or punished by teachers?
a}Hardly ever-1m
b}Every now and then-2m-a
c}Almost everyday-3m

Q02]How often do adults praise you?
a}Every adults I see gives me at least one praise-1m
b}When I do something good-2m-a
c}Do 'That child is so wild' count as a praise?-3m

Q03]Have you broken school rules?
b}What rules?-3m
c}Every time I feel up to chilling around-2m-a

Q04]Can you sit still?
a}Only nerds do that-3m
c}I always do so-1m

Q05]Do you like to help your teacher carry books?
a}Of course-1m
b}What a waste of time-3m-a
c}When my teacher calls me to-2m

Q06]Do you pass up your homework on time?
a}Yes, with blank pages-3m
b}Sometimes I don't-2m-a
c}Always, with everything done without a single mistake-1m

Q07]Are you attentive in class?
a}I listen with my fullest attention-1m
b}Sometimes I don't-2m-a
c}No way-3m

Q08]Do your teachers seem to be fond of you?
a}They tell me I'm a good girl/boy-1m
b}They dont really notice me-2m
c}I don't think so-3m-a

You are a real good boy/girl. You are probably a teacher's pet. Sometimes don't be so uptight about rules, and just be yourself. Your teacher, loves you probably. Being too much of a good child makes others think you are bossy, so relax a little, and you'll be fine! Of course, don't break too many rules, either.

You are normal, which is the best. Not too bad, not too good. Better blend in rather than stand out as a very good or bad child.

Oh no. You are a super-bad child! You should regard rules as higher priority, and who knows, your life might be easier without your teachers and parents punishing you all over the place. I know its difficults to behave, but just try your best.[;
I scored 18. What about you?

'♥ Doraemon

Ans for the last riddle!

Nobita, you got it wrong, both your answers are wrong.

Bring the goat across the river and put it on the opposite bank. Then go back to the first bank and bring the grass across, put it on the opposite bank, and put the goat, that is on the same bank, back into the boat. Then go back to the first bank, put the goat there, and put the wolf on the boat, then bring the wolf across to the second bank, where the grass is. Wolves do not eat grass. Then go back to the first bank where the goat is, then bring the goat across.
This blog is so very dead.....should I abandon it?

Saturday, November 29, 2008'♥ Doraemon


Today is my B'day! 29Nov2008! Happy B'day to me!