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Saturday, August 30, 2008'♥ Doraemon

I hope u lyk th song I jus put in th music box! Dun say I copy janell th song is different lah jus similar mine is longer. this blog is not only doraemon ok!Its abt ALL anime! I luv anime! <3

'♥ Doraemon

Watch these videos pls.one of them is th doraemon one.I got another one featuring my fave figure skater, Hsin Chia Ling.I wish I can be lyk her someday...

Friday, August 29, 2008'♥ Doraemon

This is a slideshow of my fave pics i jus made pls enjoy:

'♥ Doraemon

Heyya I jus wanna show u this video i got in imeem its my fave video!

Thursday, August 28, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Hey everyone! I'm posting coz I'm soooo bored! Yes, its abt jokes agn! Excited? Happy? Ants in yr pants? Here u go, today's joke:
Q: How do prisoners stay in touch with each other?
last ans: It means: Add oil spore! mean that spore ppl will be fat lol.
No Participants-pls participate!

This message is for peixing:
I'm sry if I insulted u. How bout I give u sth? But there is a major prob. I dunno where u r. So what do u want me to do? Its really ok if u dun wanna join this club, but at least be frenly agn lyk last time, rite? dun need to be so violent. thk abt it... bye!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Q: What does: "Jia You! Singapore" mean?

Last Ans: Medicine

Reason: Did u notice that "Farmer C" sounds like "Pharmacy" ? I'm sure u all know what is Pharmacy right? Its a stall that sells medicine.

Nobita's Mum Participated with ans "Food Number 3"

No Winners

For New readers, pls give yr answer to today's joke by Commenting to this post. Include yr nickname and pls do not be Anonymous. We will announce the winners by our next post. Pls be patient. WE HOPE U WILL ENJOY YOUR STAY AT OUR BLOG!!! Good nite!

'♥ Doraemon

Normally u guys jus say that u have butterflies in yr stomach when u r nervous or excited. Its lyk, u have some kind of wierd emotions inside yr stomach which feels lyk there r butterflies inside. FLUTTERING around. And I'm sooooo excited for tmr's trip to LITTLE INDIA!!!! WOOOHOOOO!! Mummy is now @ mobile(gas station). Normally @ gas stations u have all those mini supermarkets rite? Mummy said she'll buy some sweets there for my little india trip. So btw, I know some1 new in my life! Yes, i'm always excited abt meeting new ppl. But this one's known me 4 like a few days liao. Her name's Guey Ching. ....... Wait lemme tell u sth abt xiong jie 1st. He so bad! He say he jump on the bed then he ask me dun tell anyone then I jus tell granny. I mean, this type of stuff cant b promised! I'm doing him good, after all. Then after i tell he go say he is lying to me its jus a joke. As If I'm stupid loh! IF he's lying, he'll say"Jie, this is fake, jus to let u laugh so dun tell anyone..." instead of jus: "Jie, i tell u sth dun tell anyone hor" rite? see the big difference? Then he go call me stupid. Fine loh! If I'm stupid then I dont help him with his schoolwork lah! I'm stupid what! He think I what isit? So lets carry one to guey ching......... she's quite nice. U can go to her blog @ www.bangloved-x.blogspot.com her cbox can move! OKOK I feel lyk asif I'm doing free advertising 4 her blog lol. I HAVE A HERD OF WIRD BEES IN MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!! Which means i'm suuuuper excited 4 tmr's trip! Byes!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Fill in the blank with the word ' Yes ' or ' No '.
" _____, i am a pig."
Look below
If you cannot answer this question, give this question to another pig!

Monday, August 25, 2008'♥ Doraemon

I'm really sry everyone! I know I am sometimes not friendly.... I havent been doing well enough as a member of dfc.... My apologies to my whole class and everyone I know..... But please gimme a chance to change? Btw, I got:
I'm not happy with all my marks..... So low! But its kinda wierd that my hcl is actually better than cl. So wierd right? I can be odd sometimes.... AND my math deproved by A LOT!!! I used to get 90+ but know jus Band 2! I almost cried in class!

'♥ Doraemon

1st I'm gonna start with the jokes...... Look down (=
Q: Farmer A sells food. Farmer B sells food too. What does Farmer C sell?
Last ans: A spin cycle
No Participants(why u all always never answer!?)
Now the lesson: Its abt rubik's cube:
The rubik's cube was invented by Erno Rubik. The cube was therefore named after him. He was a Hungarian Professor of Architecture and Design. Within 1 year of its launch in 1980 it became the fastest selling puzzle in the world! Mr Rubik MUST be a genius...btw, rubik's cude is CURRENTLY STILL the best selling puzzle! Most scrambled cubes can be solved in only 17 turns with the aid of the com. So far nobody has found a scrambled position that needs more than 20 turns to solve it. Maybe I will, I took almost 100 turns and I still couldnt solve my cube... Some ppl can solve the cube from ANY position under 45 turns. Read the next sentence carefully: Some ppl can even solve the cube BLINDFOLDED!! How cool is that!? I wish I can do it...... =(
Now abt Mother Nature......
Do u all know whats greenhouse gases? Its a type of gas that keeps the heat from the sun that comes to Earth stay on Earth to keep us warm at night. But.... listen carefully: MOTHER EARTH IS SICK!!! We have to save her! U know why? coz we humans r the ones that made her sick. Yes, u read that right!One of the reasons r water pollution. We pollute the water by Deforestation, Oil spills and dumping rubbish into the water. Therefore, Animals are also suffering. I'll tell u what they are later.

Water pollution
There are 3 main forms of water pollution: Deforestation, Oil spills and Littering into water bodies such as oceans and rivers. I'm sure u know whats littering.... right? Comment if u dun understand anything in my post, btw. Deforestation is to cut down forests to clear land. As ppl cut the trees, their roots will not be there to hold on to the soil on the ground right? So the soil will go to the nearby water bodies as rain and strong winds blow. When they r in a river, they will cover up the water surface and block sunlight from reacjhing underwater..... u all know whats photosynthesis? Its a process which plants make food with carbon dioxide, water and sunlight right? So, without sunlight, the plants underwater cannot make food and will die. soon, there will be less and less water plants. The aquatic animals which eat these plants will also be affected when there are too little plants. They will also die due to the lack of food. Then the carnivorous fish will also be affected. Soon, there will be no water animals left!!! Isnt this horrible? Oil spills from ships has the same effect. DO NOT litter in the water, or anywhere else. If u throw a plastic bag into the water, it will lk like a jellyfish. So the animals who eat jellyfish will thk they r jellyfish and eat them and die! I'm sure nobody wants this to happen. There are other things which made earth sick, of course. this is jus one of the reasons.

1)Switch on the fan instead of the air-con
3)Switch off all electrical things when u are leaving
4)Save paper(dun ask why just do it!)
5)Plant more trees
FINISHED!!! with mother nature article! This blog is like a magazine lol.

Today I never get scolded! But someone did. I wont say the names of the culprit and victim, dun wanna embarress them in front of the whole world... Jus call them A and B.
A and B sits together in class at the back row. They started a fight. I dunno how it started, dun ask me. So A called B a PROSTITUDE!!! Then mrs khoo was very angry and asked A to tell her why. Then A blamed B and said that B called A a gigalo first. But when mrs khoo asked B, she said no. So mrs khoo asked A to write " I'm sorry I called you a prostitude on a piece of paper and let his parents sign it. Poor A! So he cried... I actually couldnt help felling a tiny bit of sympathy, even though I know he is wrong. I'm sry A, but its yr own mistake. Its very rude... So u learnt yr lesson, dun blame anyone okay? Say sry to B tmr if u see this.
Thats it 4 today! Wait for my next post!

Friday, August 22, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Q:What kind of bike does a washing machine ride?
last ans:At a mixer
No participants
Ok this is just a short notice. I decided to post more on my personal blog. But I will still post here so dun worry. Clickhere to visit my blog.

Thursday, August 21, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Yay! Now that out of my 5 exams, I finished 4 and theres only 1 left!! And thats HCL. I dun..... I gotta eat lunch... see ya later! OK i'm done. Today sch was fun! I got back my eng results and its HORRIBLE!
73 1/2
So horrible right? I havent get back other subjects yet..... I wish their not as horrible as my eng results... today we play treasure hunt during CME class!!!!
How cool was that?
We have 2 form groups of 5 ppl. Our group members are: Me, suneo, shizuka, dorami, iris. Nobita cant join coz he has to switch classes for MT(CME is part of chinese class). Too bad.
Here's the list of stuff we have 2 find in our 1st round:
1 sock(ew!!)-provided by iris
1 shoelace-by me
1 $1 coin-shizuka
1 pair of specs-shizuka
1 50-cents coin-suneo
1 5-cents coin-suneo
I must b the one to provide the shoelace since i'm the only one in our grp who has shoelaces... U know what? dorami actually held iris' sock! ewwwww......Chen lao shi even joked with us that we had to find a pair of UNDERWEAR!!! Then dorami and I decided to draw one out! Suits Jia hao.lol. Imagine jia hao in a polka-dotted underwear!
Here's the list of items we had to find in our 2nd round:
5 hairs from our legs-suneo
1 twig-me
2 goose egg pebbles-dorami
3 hairclips-suneo
1 red file-from dorami
We were 2nd or 3rd place, i thk. But definenately NOT 1st.... so sad ): But we managed to gather everything needed, at least. There I am, listening to out class blog music, which is as horrible as gian's singing. What kind of song is that? Byes! btw, i dun needa revise coz i revised a loooooong time ago liao. bye bye!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008'♥ Doraemon

I thk I got exam blues... Today I only revise a little bit bcoz I already revised most of sci yesterday (: Today so free! Then I found the website to make virtual pets on Janell's blog. Janell was my first fren at PVPS. We known each other from P1. Happy Memories.... Then I go that website and make pets. Did u c them?? All doraemonfc members can email me and want a pet on this blog. But yr pet cant b the same as others'. So far, Me, nobita, shizuka, suneo, gian, dorami and xiong jie has made one for each of ourselves. If u wanna put one on yr site, scroll down to the bottom of the SIDEBAR and u will c a link that is: Get your own virtual pets. Click and choose a pet. Then give it a name and enter yr nickname. U can even chang its colour! It can move and u can feed and play with it too! Do u wanna c my exam scedule? There u go:
Mon: Eng(down!)
OK thats it. Soooo many exams right? But its CA2 not SA2 so never count marks.... but still important. Just not as important as SAs only. I thk I can pass all the exams! Isnt that great? Most of the questions in the eng and cl paper r simple enough, except the open ended compre. I soooo nervous!! Tmr is Sci. Wish me gd luck!
Today I also never get scolded! 2 days in a row liao! I try very hard, ok? hope I can hold it till the end of the year. I so happy coz this wk and next wk dun have Wushu! This wk dun jhave coz of exams and next wk dun have coz...... we going to LITTLE INDIA!!! I'm sooooo excited! I never been there b4. On the form it says:
during the activity, pupils will have the poortunity to:
1)discover the rich and vibrant heritage of the indian community
2)learn abt the dried spices and their traditional uses by the local community
3)use math in context to solve inter-disciplinary word probs
4)appreciate how the different races live harmoniously together by respecting and valuing our differences.
This is compulsory. I kinda glad coz I can use it as an excuse to not go wushu ^~^ I like almost all 4 activities. ALMOST. Except No3. Why must they do that? We r going there to learn abt the indian race, not help the children there do math hw!! At national day party at sch we watch an indian show performance. So EXCITING man! I dunno why some ppl go "EW!" when they hear the word 'indian'. I mean, whats wrong with indians? I dun geddit. btw, talk abt today. Today I mostly just call my frens and ask them what animal they want 4 their pet and making them and putting them on our blog. I only spent a little time revising nature study, which is the only thing i had not revised yet... Today when PE we play Poison Ball with the boys. I keep getting hit! Nobita is soooo gd at this game! She jump over balls like mad! At last she win. We takes turns to go into the middle of the circle. At first we cant decide how to group ourselves when Nobita had this interesting idea to grp ourselves by our houses. But there was a prob.
Suneo:But theres only one harrier house!
**Everyone looks at me**
Rafi: nvm she can join falcon house.
All: ok
**Play play play play**
halfway through the game, we.....
Jun wei:Now time for the lions!
**Shizuka and Dorami steps into the circle**
Me:Wait! Since falcon has so many ppl and lion only has 2, how abt I join lion instead of falcon?
**I step into the circle and join shizuka and dorami**
**Khairi rolls ball hard**
Khairi's ball: KAPOW!**hits my leg**
Me: Aw, man...**groans**out agn...
Khairi: Khairi saves the day!
Me:Khairi ruins the day!
Fauzi:Falcon-y time!
**Suneo, nobita, rafi steps into circle**
**I throw a ball**
**ball narrowly misses nobita and hits suneo instead**
suneo: I'm out
**rafi gets hit by jun wei's ball**
me: now only nobita the champion inside. Whoever hits him gets S$100!
nobita:oi!**jumps over a ball**
**throw throw throw throw**
**miss miss miss miss**
**jump jump jump jump**
**junwei throws a ball**
**ball hits nobita**
jun wei: doraemon gimme $100 pls.
**I give him $1**
junwei: I thought its supposed to b 100?
Me: sry hor i just go bankrupt
junwei:i dun want it...
**returns me the coin**
~~End of lesson~~
So I guess u all have read the above conversations.ok maybe yr confused by who is which house:
Lion:Shizuka, dorami
Cheetah: khairi, fauzi, jun wei
falcon: suneo, rafi, nobita
harrier: me
The houses doesnt represent anything such as yr behavior or looks so i dunno how we are grouped.....
there r only 4 houses in our sch. Then dorami start telling me abt DOORBELLS!! so disgusting rite? If u dunno what r 'doorbells' pls comment... dorami invented them....
now 10.30 liao a gotta sleep.....
G' nite!! And 4 my class, gd luck 4 yr exams!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Hello ppl! Now theres sth I'm very puzzled abt. Today I asked Poo and Perrine for the Sci exam tested topics, and they say they dunno needa ask Mrs Khoo. Then I ask her but she say she already tell us. Got meh?? I only hear her say its tested till electricity leh. But suneo and Iris say teacher got tell us many times liao. And I was full of q marks! lyk: ???????????????? I ask Shizuka and Nobita and Dorami but they all say teacher never tell us. But how suneo and iris know?? I need to figure out this mystery. Cannot be so many ppl, including shizuka which is a very gd girl, dunno what!? So teacher got tell, ornot? I thk thats a new mystery 4 detective Doraemon and Dorami to solve!!!! I just wrote abt it in my Diary. Then I remembered abt my blog. So now I'm writing abt it. OK just a warning: I will NOT take pictures of my diary entries and put them on blogger. I will only show u if u r a close and trusted friend of mine. My diary contains my secrets of life, and even my family does not read it. Let alone friends. So unless u r a super close friend of mine, dont come up to me and say,"can u lemme see yr diary?"unless Its not so private. ok done. so I guess u all read the above paragraph...rite? So g'nite!

'♥ Doraemon

YAY!! No more revision for me (:
Sry if u have but I'm just happy for myself (:
I'm a mean person. lol!
I'm eating my guavas now. YUMMY!!
U want to know what happened today? Here you go:
This morning I couldnt get out of bed coz I slept late last night watching ghost stories on tv. Not that scary :( btw, its TRUE. In spore somemore. But when this morning I told Heyi in the hall she was freaaaaaked out! For those who don't like ghost stories, pls skip lines till u see 'end of story'
This story is told by a malay man. It happened when he was very young, when singapore was a malay kampung village. The prettiest young girl in his village was named Aishah( for malay girls who have that name, be careful.... ). Even though she was pretty, but her life was VERY bad. One day, she became pregnant and when her father, who was the leader of the village( dunno whats that called in eng) , became VERY angry when he found out. He hit Aishah very hard and the poor girl was left in her room crying and her mum comforting her. That night she gave birth to her baby. Her father was VERY angry. He sneaked into his daughter's room when she was sleeping, and carried the baby out of the house. Meanwhile, the storyteller was hiding behind a well. The cruel man then threw the crying baby into the well without hesitation. The next day, when Aishah found out that her father had killed her baby, she was very sad. She hid in her room crying all day. That night, she decided she could not take it and went to the well where her father had drowned her baby. She stood on the edge of the well, and crying sadly, she threw herself into the well. The next day, her whole family was very sad, including her father. That night, two men came to the well to investigate. They brought a torchlight with them as it was super dark. Suddenly, when they passed by the well, one of them heard sth strange. "Shhhh! Listen!" He called to the other. "What?" the second men asked. "I dont hear anything."
No1:Keep quiet and listen, will u?
**the sound of a young girl and a baby crying**
No1: Its coming from.... there! **points at well**
No2: yr not going there and jumping in, are u?
No1: **slaps no2** Dont talk nonsence!
No2: **Shines torch over the well**
A gentle breeze blew across the water in the well and -- r u ready for this? -- Their reflection turned to Aishah's! The two men jumped out of their skin! They threw away the torch and ran for their lives! From that day onwards, all the villagers who passed by that well at the time Aishah died heard Aishah and her baby crying. Her father suffered the most. He heard them every night no matter where he was and soon became mentally ill. One foggy night, when he was sitting on his rocking chair at the varanda(dunno how 2 spell) , distracted by the usual crying sounds. He suddenly saw a blur figure in the thick fog. He looked carefully and saw that it was a girl carrying a baby. " Aishah!" he called out, following the misty figure that was drifting further and further away from him. When "Aishah" reached the well, she half hid in the well and when the man reached out to hold her, he lost his balance and fell into the well! Ha! Serves him right!
Once agn, no one else heard that sound agn.
~~End of story~~
Ok now back to more stories of my life... today I never get scolded! The math paper was ok. But Shizuka said she didnt complete the last 4 qs of paper 1 bklet B coz she ran out of time. Poor Shizuka :( Then after sch I raced home with royston as usual and I won! He was SO angry. btw, u shouldve seen the expression on his face! lol. My class blog made new blogskin today. quite nice. Even though a littlebit plain :) no offence, dearest classmates. I finished revising already. SO FREE!!! On fri, my instructer bringing me and Niina to practice for our performance on sat. I am so nervous! Did I tell u abt my demo performance on sat? Its not really a performance, just a demo for ppl to thk if we're gd enough and at the same time advertising the sch. So I asked my instructor, ' what if i fall? wouldnt it be embaressing? ' He replied, ' no. if u fall they will clap and support you!' ok I felt a little better after hearing that. Niina also performing. I thk that Chinese girl also going... but I dont thk she likes figure skating, she everytime also never come for lessons. Recess time at sch we played hide and seek. So fun! I cant wait for fri when exam over PLUS rollerblading class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But too bad now still have 3 exams left leh! But at least tmr can come home early coz of contact time every wed. And Thursday no wushu and essay writing class coz of exams!!! So happy! Then fri also no sup class! Then two wks later is sep holidays!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! after finish typing i gonna take bath then play com then play with Xiong jie. At night still cannot go blade coz of exam loh!!! **angry** Last night I finish watching the CDs that instructor lend me. Except the one where there are children dancing... but I thk I wanna watch with my family better.
Wait, wait! dont go yet! I have an announcement to make! its for thos who read the ghost story. We have a competition! Answer either one of the questions below! have fun! send yr answers to
Due: End of sep holidays
the best answers will be shown. pls give us yr nickname and email.
Q1: If u were Aishah, will u haunt yr father? why?
Q2: if you were Aishah's dad, what will u do if u see aishah in the fog? why?
**Q3: What is the moral of the story?
Hope u can take part! bye! see you all at night!

Monday, August 18, 2008'♥ Doraemon

YES! AT LEAST I can post for awhile. A WHILE ONLY. understood? so dun ask me to stay here the whole day. Later I still gotta spend the whole night revising leh! Today I get scolded again leh! I go copy Poo's science wbk corrections...... then get caught so unlucky. But I dunno cannot copy corrections..... many ppl also copy! Why isit always me who get scolded 1st? Why am I so unlucky!? Yesterday night I still pray for luck leh! Buddha! Why dun give me luck!? :( I wish I am as lucky as Dorami.... she never get caught..... I'm not jealous, just envious. I wish I can be as skillful as her... Then today afternoon I so tired that I sleep for 1h then I wake up to finish Science corrections and revise a little... then I go Skylace for tuition. Rei ni never come today coz she needa revise a lot. Then Yizhen and me start talking when we finish our work. Then we are the 1st to leave! Isnt that great? My school luck is bad, but maybe my other lucks are good! **beams** so only 1% of my luck is super bad. No wait 10% coz school takes up most of yr life :( I thk theres lightning outside..... I gotta go. See ya tmr! IF I can.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Today I learnt sth new! And I spelled Niina name wrongly in the last post... We learnt a combination jump, which is to do many wall jumps together. My maximum number of jumps is 4 jumps. Niina's is 2. Then there was once I did it wrongly and my hands, instead of looking as if I'm pushing open a window, looked like I was jumping up and plucking a fruit from a tree! Then my instructor did sth funny. He immetated me and jumped, and as he jumped, he said, "mangoes! coconuts! Apples!" Niina and I laughed so hard, we almost exploded!! Then there was once Niina's legs and my legs got entagled and we both fell at the same time! My arm hurt a lot. But now its ok. My instuctor even brought some music for us to choose for our- are you ready for this- a demonstration performance next week! Yes, you read that right! Its just a demonstration for new students. Nice. Mama bought Niina and I Chrysanthemum tea after lesson! WOW! I was very thirsty, so I gulped down the drink. But as I was on the way home in Papa's car, I remembered sth scary....... My young Mathematician Card! I thought I passed it up, but it ended up in my file! OK. I'm gonna gather up my courage and tell teacher tmr! Nobita said I should do that. Its just..... too scary. I'm scared..... :(

'♥ Doraemon

HURRAY!!! now I can use the computer next week bcoz I finished revising! I am so happy! later I am going to the skating class. I forgot to say that my instructor lended me three CDs abt figure skating. I already watched one, so I'm gonna return it today. I'm gonna watch the next one after I finish posting. But next wk I can only post at night. And I can only post super short ones. Too bad! And not EVERY day of next wk.... just two days: Tues and thurs. Its at least better than 0 days rite? Goody good. (: byes!

Saturday, August 16, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Today was such a long day! I went to ballet, and brought along my rollerblading clothes so I could change into them coz I'm not going home after ballet, I'm going to Skating lesson in papa's car along with the whole family rightaway. I wont right the private stuff, but after ballet class, when I was waiting for an empty changing room for me to change(there were only two changing rooms), there were a group of girls who asked me to go into the changing room and change together. Ew..... I mean, I'm not used to changing with other ppl, and I never done anything like that b4. So I hesitated for a moment, then decided that we were all girls, so they wouldnt want to look at me. And even if they do, we're all girls..... rite? So I said yes, and went in. Its so cramped! And we keep on aciidentaly glance over at one another. But they didnt seem to mind. I guess they do this all the time. So when I reached the Pasir Ris MRT station, I called my papa as planned, and papa drove the whole family to pick me up at the bus stop, then in the car they told me that we were taking lesson at geylang bahru instead of Marine Parade. Then we arrived at a sheltered area where there were a few ppl there. I hate that place! No1, there are small drains on the floor so we can trip over them and fall, so its not a suitable place for blading IMO. No2, the ppl there were like, not proper ppl! They are like, perverts! They keep staring at females, including Mama, Minna and I! Yes, Minna and I. They even want to look at children! OMG! Then there was even someone sleeping there! But at least the space was big enough for us to practice. You'll never guess what I learned, in just my SECOND lesson of figure skating! A wall JUMP!!! I actually can do a half jump! First you do half a mohawk( you are rolling backwards). Wait a minute. Those who dunno how to skate skip this and go away! You wont understand....... unless you just wanna listen. then u lift up your back leg, which is your left leg if you are starting from the right leg, and turn and do a half jump, and land on your right leg. Once you land, you IMMEDIATELY switch to the outer edge so that you can balance. I practiced quite a few times, and I finally can do it! First we do it on foot so that we can learn the steps first. Scary when I first tried, it was scary! Minna tried very hard, but she still only can glide a little bit. Poor Minna! Hope she catches up soon. Then we end lesson at 7.30pm and papa bought a pair of pants( we call it the buttock guard coz it protects your butt) that has a thin sponge at the back to protect your butt. I dunno the proper name, have to ask papa tmr. And I forgot to tell u that I have another classmate( she is not new) who is Chinese. She learn for quite a long time, but she is almost as good as I am. My instructor says she have attitude problems so she learns slower. Let's hope she can catch up. She didnt come today coz she was too lazy, according to papa. The butt guards cost bloody $40!!!!!! How expensive! It is only used for building up confidence when jumping. My instructor said that children learning figure skating in Taiwan wear these pants. So we bought a pair of it. Its worn on the outside of your normal pants, not the inside. It looks really bulky so you dont have to wear it all the time. Theres a reason for wearing it on the outside. So if you wanna stop training jumping, you can just take them off. Its really convenient. Ok I just asked Mama what they are called. They're called crash pants. Funny name. I'm gonna bring it to lesson tmr for training my jumps. Then after lesson we go to Changi Airport Terminal 3 food court to eat dinner. Xiong jie and I both ate chicken rice and Chrysanthemum tea. Then I helped papa but coke zero. Then we went home and I started typing this, and halfway through mama asked me to take my bath( I didnt mention it) and I continued. Now I finished typing. G' nite!

'♥ Doraemon

FINALLY! Singapore will win either a GOLD or SILVER for olympics! It is the TABLE TENNIS. Singapore will versus China 2morrow, which is Sunday. 7:30. Don't miss it!
Singapore can go in to FINAL is because of Tian Wei FENG. If not, Singapore will versus HKG, to win for BRONZE.PAIseh. Don't how to read the country's full name. LOls. :b

'♥ Doraemon

Hey, dun b so bored tat i cant post for mon to thurs next week...... but u still have stuff to do here!! u can play the christmas game, listen to doraemon song( i will install new songs soon), chat with yr friends on the cbox and take our friend test! i will try to find more fun stuff later.... i will be coming back late. i gotta go ballet @ 1.15pm and after ballet straightaway go skating class! so i will make use of this time to fing more games and music, ok? bye! see you tonight!

Friday, August 15, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Can I bcome an olympic skater? but too bad they never include skating in the olympics :( If they do it when i grow up, in will try out for sure! but can I win? I'm not sure. U know wat? ALL the "singaporeans" who took part in the beijing olympics are imported from China! There r no real singaporeans! I mean, arent the gov ashamed? even if we win, its not OUR honour! okok i know tat spore made it to the finals, along with China, but the competitor is also imported from China! I thk we singaporeans should feel ashamed bcoz if we cant train our ppl to be gd enough for the olympics, just admit tat we are not gd enough 4 the olympics and shut up! But the gov so Ai Mian Zi and go buy all the gd ppl from China to participate in the olympics in the name of spore! So the Ping Pong finals is spore versus China. The "singaporean" is chinese, so even if we win, its the chinese who are proud. If we lose, its the same! so WHY ON EARTH is the gov so proud of Tao Li! It should be China who is proud! IMO, we should use our own strength to do things, whether its gd or bad. Why be so Ai Mian Zi and do such shameful things!? importing ppl from China. Such losers! spore, ADMIT THAT YOU LOSE AND STOP TRYING TO LOOK GOOD!! if yr ugly, show it and shut up. Why buy so many expensive makeup when u r poor and dont even know where to apply it, for goodness sake, singapore. I am gonna try as hard as i can to be an olympic champion!!!! FINE. laugh all u want. I am gonna overcome all odds and make it to the olympics in the name of a TRUE singaporean!!!

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Looks like tis world is filled with kindness after all! i feel soooo happy tat i forgot my unlucky thing. u know wats my unlucky thing? actually, there r 2 things: one, i thought a handed in my young mathematician card, but i found it in my file! did i hand it up, or did i hand up sth else accidentally and thought it was the math card? should i tell teacher, or keep it a secret? two, when i was blading just now, i fell down and broke my wrist guard! ok back to happy stuff, when we were waiting for Xiong jie to come back from tuition at the white sands passenger pick-up point, i saw an old man riding a bicycle fall down from his bike and onto the grass!! i wanted to help him up, but when i was abt to walk there, i saw a young man walk over to the old man and help him up! The old man thanked the young man and the young man smiled and said tat it was nothing and every1 should do tat. So learn to b like the young man ok? see? tis world IS full of kindness after all! such ppl r very rare, almost extinct, in spore nowadays. why? why r singaporeans lyk tis? i just dun understand. we singaporeans have a nice and comfortable life for ourselves, so why not help others? i mean, i can understand if u already fell down and u cant help the other person who fell down bcoz u yrself already fallen, but all the passer-bys, except tat young man of course, just pretended as if NOTHING happened and walked pass!! I just CANNOT believe it. and, no one else fell down! so why wont they help the old man up? its not lyk u will die after helping tat man rite?? just a simple simple act of kindness can let u have a gd impression in others' eyes. soooo many ppl wanna b popular, so why wont they help others, and let every1 remember them, and bcome popular??? i am SO confused......... okok i know tat helping others should be out of the kindness of yr heart, not bcoz u wanna b popular or wanna get praises. And if every1 wants to b happy, why wont they help others? if u help others, u will AUTOMATICALLY b happy yrself! those who never help others b4, u will not understand tis wonderful feeling, if u want, try to help some1 and u will have tat wonderful feeling, trust me. As i mentioned tat helping others should b out of the kindness of yr heart, not to b popular, but its better to help others 4 popularity than not help AT ALL, rite? geddit? so start helping NOW!!!!dun wait, start RIGHT NOW!! YES, u read tat rite. any1 in yr family needs help?? ************************************************************************************ Gotta eat dinner now, see ya later!!!!! ok finished dinner! ok now talk abt rollerblading. I fell 5 times!!!! Xiong jie soo weak loh! He fell one time on the butt then he cry and cry and cry then(he does not want me to say tat) then he dun wanna skate anymore and just sit down there. Then once i fell so badly tat my wrist guard broke!! needa get papa to buy a new one...... then we go home at 7pm but my load was muchmuch lighter than yesterday's :D Granma one hand carry Xiong jie's chicken rice and the other hand carry my helmet with my guards inside. i one hand carry one shate and the other hand carry the other skate. Xiong jie also. My maid one hand carry our bag of water bottles and other hand carry Xiong jie's helmet with guards inside. So its fair! Everyone has TWO hands busy, not three and not one. we didn't buy anything after tat. Granma bought the chicken rice when we were skating. I trained almost EVERYTHING!! i even started to learn my right leg 3-turn. I also train the other leg 3-turn, both sides crossover, left leg backwards crossover and mohawk. Xiong jie just train crossover then he KABOOM!! liao. lol. Then we go home and nothing more!!!!! byes!

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DONE!! I finally finished 2day's revision............ **faints due 2 overwork** okok lol. I dunno why i lyk 2 say tat so much. btw, I'm just wondering why my class blog is soooooooo DEAD! the ones in charge of the blog never post PLUS come!!! wierd. no offence, btw. OW!!!!!! I just knocked my knee. ouchy-ouch. granma watching tv downstairs.... -.-.... i dunno why she lyk tat show, Yi Nan Wang so much! its SO lame. guess how many episodes there r so far? 500+!!!!! won't tat show ever finish!? Xiong jie at tution now..... Skylace Languge School @ White Sands. I'm kinda advertising 4 them. lol. 5th storey, btw. Then there's also this tution school @ the same location as Skylace, I can read. wierd name loh! Every1 can read wat! and agn, no offence :) Xiong jie have 2 tuitions: Skylace 4 chinese and ICR 4 English. I older than him yet only have 1 tuition leh! unbelievable rite? 4 the whole of next wh mon - thurs i CANT use the com! so u wont be able to read my posts :( but at least u can visit! we have those games and polls to see and play! so at least there isnt absolutely NOTHING to do @ doraemonfc blog :) and u can let all those falling butterflies hyptonise u.......... and fall asleep! zzzzzzzzzz......... ok awake now! I love skylace! i know the work is harder than pvps, but at least its quieter, and surprisingly, my tuition teacher never scold me at all! gave u a shock rite? Xiong jie HATES ICR....... he say there not fun or sth......... but i thk its just a normal sch! We BOTH luv Skylace! and we both hate school. I dunno why i dun find it so tedious to do skylace hw and work, even though its muchmuch harder than pvps work.... i lyk studying at skylace but not pvps...... wierd rite? i always pay more attention @ skylace but not pvps, always hand up work on time @ skylace but not pvps........... loooooooooong list . I dunno why. i'm just toooooooooooooo wierd! i never go ICR b4 leh! but my ballet fren Cherilyn say she go there than she also dun lyk......... wats wrong with them? but how am i supposed to know? i'm not an ICR student...... tmr got ballet leh! but at least after ballet got skating ^~^ thking of mqaking faces(ex:=)), i thought of tat time when we just created tis blog, nobita and me, chatting on the tagboard (tat time too quiet @ tis blog no1 know abt it), nobita keep typing wierd faces lyk: 0.o, //??, ??// I dunno wat they mean! then i type in tagboard: 'stop making funny faces can?' then he say:' tats called funny faces ah' then he call me and repeat the sentence. i laughed SOOOO hard, i thk i was abt to BURST!!! then i ask my papa wat tis:0.o mean, then he say is one eye big one eye small. WIERD. where on Earth did u learn tis nobita? Africa? Antartica? lol. btw, how to play mahjong huh? i dunno how 2 play leh. ok dun worry i'm not gonna gamble just wanna play. if u know how, tell me in comments, thx. byes i go prepare 4 skating liao.

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Good morning everybody! c'mon rise and shine! Its a beautiful day, isnt it? I mean in S'pore. The sun is shining brightly, the birds are chirping happily on the starfruit tree in my garden(tats the birds' favourite tree), and there are flowers blooming all over! Ok enough abt weather. There I am, sitting on my chair beside the com in my pyjamas(i just woke up) and waiting for 9.30 so i can watch tv. I was reading blogs (: ok just come back from watching tv........ I CANT WAIT FOR TMR!!!!!! of course, bcoz of the figure skating class :) Tooo bad 2day i needa spend Xtra time revising...... 3h!!!!!! i thk i'll die! but lickily it includes 15 min break, i cant last tat long revising..... 1.30-4.30pm toooo tedious! but theres nothing i can do abt it every school has exams....): Exam time is the WORST!!!! so anyway, going skating agn 2day, 5.30pm. in CC. same time, same place. same ppl. i dunno if papa and mama will come back early so i can change time and go there after dinner. After dinner got longer time 2 practice wat! luckily all my hw finish liao just gotta prepare newspaper cuttings 4 next wk(tis wk teacher say dun need coz of exams) i already cut out 5 liao just havent check meanings....... and still needa do little red dot reading passport!!!!! I only do 2 wks.....lol. but dorami even worse.she say she havent even started!! omg. after tat scolding from teacher, i actually wrote NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS in BIG letters on a piece of paper and pasted it on my wall so i wont forget. just soooo bugged by hw..... ):

Thursday, August 14, 2008'♥ Doraemon

U know wat guys? my mum just come back and she said she ate FORTY 40 longans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **faints** lol tats just enough to feed my WHOLE class!

'♥ Doraemon

My arms ACHE! all bcoz of my big heavy rollerblading guards.... wait. i'm telling all tis SDROWKCAB(backwords)!! ok lemme tell u from the beginning. we went to CC @ 5.30, as planned. Then we go and skate. U wont b lieve it! My 3-turn actually bcame VERY smooth! Xiong jie keep taking up my space lor! **kicks sleeping Xiong jie** But i dunno whether its ABSOLUTELY correct! needa wait till sat 2 ask my instructor ): dunno if Miina got improve? i hope yes! She's soooo hardworking! Then 1 ant go climb into my water bottle. EW!!!! I poured away all the water and my granny go coffee united and buy mineral water 4 me. Then wat happened next is...gotta go eat dinner later i continue........... OK finish!! 2day's dinner is fried rice. Xiong jie hates crabstick! He wont even it a little slice. Then granny go and scold him and make him eat it. lol! u shouldve seen the expression on his face when he was eating it! It was like he was chewing on bird poo! ok back to non-eating subjects.... Then wat happed next is Practice,practice,practice......... until 7pm! Then I carried ALL of my guards, and skates! I put all my guards in my helmet, then i put it pinned to my left armpit, and held 1 skate in my left hand, and the other in my right hand! Xiong jie so gd lor! he only carry his water bottle! Then we go Prima Deli(the cake shop at Elias mall) 2 buy waffles 4 supper and walk ALL THE WAY up the multi storey carpark! I thk i walked abt more than 1km!!! I feel like my left arm's gonna break anytime! but now its recovered. Then i fight with Xiong jie abt who is stronger..... HE was the one who started the fight, not me. Xiong jie now watching his looney toons DVD on TV in the living room downstairs. He on sound sooo LOUD lor! even i upstairs in my room still can hear the tv soooo clearly! he's a lonney toons freak, i tell u. papa and mama still havent come back ): they every thurs come back very late. OUCH!!!!! Xiong jie suddenly on the sound so loud! DEAFENING!!! OW!!! my ears hurt agn! wait i go and ask him to on sound softer abit.... ok settled now! I jus cant wait 4 Sat!!! lets see... wat else to say? ok nothing else! i go to watch looney toons with Xiong jie liao. Byes!

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Hello everybody! I know we havent post jokes 4 a long time...sry! There u go, 2day's joke:
Q:Where do flour and eggs meet(mate)?
long-time ago ans:in Chile!
ppl taking part:000
as usual, ans in comments revealing ans tmr. gd luch 4 yr exams!

'♥ Doraemon

Hey every1! i'm taking a break from studying! i thk my head's gonna burst! ok just lemme explain to u the meaning of today's quote by me. i thk most of u wont understand it... u know when most children study, they do TONS of assesments? am i rite? but some of them still do not do very well 4 their exams? u wanna know why? I thk most of u cant get tis rite 4 sure: Q: which pupil will do better, pupil A, who does tons of assessments 4 hours, or pupil B who only flips through his files 4 only 30 mins a day? Ans: Pupil B! but why? simple. the most important thing isnt how hard u work, but how WELL u work. Pupil B flips through his files, so he looks at all the mistakes he's done and learns from them. Pupil A only does assessment book but does not learn from his mistakes. So do u wanna pupil A or B? u decide :)

'♥ Doraemon

Yesterday I went to the Pasir Ris Elias CC to practice figure skating! Too bad I cant practice at the Pasir Ris Park skating rink coz the floor will spoil my wheels. Figure skating wheels r soooo troublesome! So i went to the CC open area to skate with papa, mama, Xiong jie and my maid.
My maid didnt skate ok? So dun get freaked out. Even though the space is big, we can only use a teeny-tiny bit of space. u know why? there were ppl practicing Wushu there! not NORMAL ppl. My coach! I was too shy to say hi at first ( sometimes i'm shy) but papa puhed me there and said i MUST train my courage. there were not only wushu ppl, but 4 annoying bikes circling around lyk mad. but at least they go away soon :) they occupy soooo much space! xiong jie and i r gping skating @ 5.30 2day. IF it doesnt rain... I thk i seriously need to b braver sometimes...I set time table 2 revise from 2 to 4.30 everyday tis weekend. Ay, have u heard of the digging-nose test? its not really a test.... just to see whether u r thick-skinned ornot. its lyk tis: you:have u ever digged yr nose? other person: .... if he/she says yes, she's not thick-skinned.If no, call her an alien coz every1 picks their nose...rite? IN THE TOILET. have u ever picked yr nose in public b4? hope not. Actually, i USED to do tat. when i was abt 4 years old. I actually did it in the MRT!!!! ew rite? i tell u something: u know tat some adults do tis too? ok back to non-related nose subjects.... btw, i really, really dont wanna hav exams! I hate revising. its soooo tedious! I will try and post when taking my 10 min break ok? I wish i wont b so forgetful! the main reason tat i get scolded is bcoz of my forgetfulness, unattentiveness and SLEEPINESS! ok i dun sleep in class but i ALMOST dozed off one day. got scolded coz i "wasnt paying attention".. actually the real reason is tat i had i BIG night and almost dozed off... Mrs khoo thought i talking to Hazirah and made me switch places with nobita... i dun mind btw, i dun really like talkin to her anyway, she's just my fren not best fren. i still can survive without her. ok i better rush only got 15 mins b4 revising time! actually, i kinda lyk tis new place better coz i can see the board clearer. it also DEFININATELY makes me pay more attention. but got scolded still **sniffs** i thk the only place who suits me best is still the front of the classroom beside shawn.. I dun wanna sit with him agn! he keeps putting up lame performances, ex: how to fart with yr armpit: how to make green sperms, etc. he's defininately crazy, that person. now he's sitting with Jia hao, one of the craziest ppl in the class. i thk he gotta do TWELVE newspaper cuttings by Mon!! My record is 4. Wei quan got six. u will b surprised tat jia hao's a WORSE student than me! u surely thk i'm the worse student in the world rite? see? i proved u wrong! ok 8 more mins.....!! i thk i better of the com now , byes every1! g'nite! lol

'♥ Doraemon

b careful every1! u know wat dorami tell me yesterday? She say tat Mr lim, our discipline master, is checking the whole of pvps students' blogs by the end of the year! Luckily our blog got no bad words or else we will get punished... But i'm rather curious abt tis conversation: Dorami: doraemon u know wat? i heard sb say tat Mr Lim checking everybody blog by the end of the year! our blog got bad words ornot? Doraemon: Why? Dorami: coz he will scold us, or even worse, 4 putting bad words in our blogs. Doraemon: oh i'm not scared our blog got no bad words by the way *sighs with relief* Dorami: yah or else he'll get mad at us! Doraemon: but wat if some ppl in the school dun wanna tell mr lim their blog add? Dorami: he can find out even if we dun tell him! scary! Doraemon:how? force the truth out of us? Dorami: NO. he can jus on the com, key in our names and he can see whether we have blogs ornot. if we have, then he'll see it and then he can go to our blogs. Doraemon: wat type of service is tat!? Dorami:u mean MR LIM!? Doraemon: no i mean the com. he use wat 2 document or website 2 key in our names and find out our blog Dorami: tat i dunno. sb told me. Doraemon:who? Dorami: i dunno its some sort of rumour i thk Doraemon: does saying tat i hate school count? Dorami: i dunno, but maybe **end of conversation** I shivered with fright. wat if mr lim will delete my blog 4 saying tat i hate school? but not only i hate school wat! 99.9999999... % of singaporean children hate school so its no big deal.but better keep a lookout jus in case.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008'♥ Doraemon

I just dont UNDERSTAND why r ppl sooooo NOT courtiest!? When they want 2 get onto the MRT, cant they wait for ppl 2 get down 1st? AND they wont even offer a seat 2 an old lady or pregnant woman.... how rude.... and speaking of MRT.... You know Xiaxue's blog? She wrote tat some 'smelly' uncle sat on the mrt next 2 her and accidentally tickled her with his sleeve? I thk its toooooo rude! The uncle did NOT do it on purpose and its NOT his fault. And u guess wat she said? she said tat they(the smrt) should have a 'smelly chamber' for wat she calls smelly ppl. Its PUBLIC TRANSPOT, EXCUSE ME! Be more courtiest next time, Xiaxue...... doesnt mean yr famous means u can criticise ppl. KK i know wat ur gonna say, tat young ppl cannot criticise adults and watever..... but I dun see it tis way... i feel tat not only adults do things rite. So whether, adult or child, WRONG MEANS WRONG. I'm sorry Xiaxue, but i thk its time you stop being rude. pls.... i dun like ppl like tis.... try to imagine if u were the uncle and you are reading something like your blog. I hope u understand.

Monday, August 11, 2008'♥ Doraemon

HOMEWORK! I dunno why i post sooo much 2day but i jus feel lyk it maybe.... its fun ^~^ I still dun understand why,what,when, and who is hw! u know how much nobita lykes hw..... rite? k nobita dont get angry i just saying.... but i dun understand u? why on earth did u lyk hw? and how on earth did u lyk hw??? i'm soooo confused

'♥ Doraemon

almost every dream tat i hav is impossible..... listen 2 tis 1:u know doraemon has a machine tat can let humans exchange body parts rite? i wan tat sooooo much!!! i want it so tat i can exchange fingers with dorami..... mine if so ugly compared 2 hers... T_T

'♥ Doraemon

I tried calling dorami jus now but no1 pickup.... i guess i have 2 do hw myself........ poor me! i mean very i mean SUPER poor meeeeeeeeee!!!

'♥ Doraemon

ok its me, doraemon agn... i know yr bored of jus seeing me everyday and not nobita and dorami but i guess their giving themsleves exam pressure..... cant blame them....... I just post coz i'm so lazy 2 do hw!! and dorami promised 2 do hw with me but she's gone.... maybe try calling her agn..... i'm soooo bored later still gt tution leh!byes

'♥ Doraemon

Sry 4 just now... ok where did i stop? oh right. well my papa can sometimes talk a little crazy but i love him irregardless =) But he's really strict sometimes i tell u. IF u put TWO toes out of line he'll ground u 4 sure... beware. Hey have u read the most famous blog in asia : http://xiaxue.blogspot.com ? Well i dont really understand it but its still quite nice, i thk. I dont understand why she wont pit a tagboard.... well i wish our blog can be as famous as hers... no i'm not hungry 4 fame i just wan more ppl 2 join our club so the ppl in the world will be friendlier.... so i commented on her blog an asked her 2 link us ^~^ I dunno why she puts soooo looooooooooooooooooooong mascara... i'm not insulting her, just feeling wierd. so i wish u can lyk ... contribute tuh the world? lol maybe =)

'♥ Doraemon

ok I know tis is not my blog but tis is still a group blog so all the officers can type their feelings in! Look Xiong jie's still a trainee so don't blame him 4 not knowing how 2 type PLUS he's only 6!! So just get back 2 the story... =) u know wat? Well if u read my blog u will know tat I went figure skating yesterday. Before i go and when i was waiting outside my papa's car for my mother I asked my papa , " Papa, why dont u want 2 have a blog?" "Why should I?" he said, obviously too lazy to post... " Well it would b nice coz its lyk yr diary 2 type in yr feelings." And u guess wat he said? you'll NEVER guess in a million years: "A DIARY? 4 wat? should i type tis: Today i woke up at 7am, brushed my teeth sat down on the toilet bowl and started 2 do big buisness, then I did 2 KILOGRAMS of buisness and flushed the toilet 4 the 1st time but it wouldn't go away... 2nd time, no. 3rd time,yes." I gotta go toilet sry see u later!

'♥ Doraemon

ok I know tis is lyk an ad but i'm just posting tis ad coz it may be useful 2 some ppl. its abt figure skating in marine parade as said in the title... theres a very gd instructor and there r very little ppl... so u might consider learning it there... now lemme tell u wat is figure skating. its a very fun sport tat is a combination of ballet and rollerblading. u all know wat is rollerblading and ballet... rite? if u dunno jus post a comment and i will tell u. if u wanna sign up just tell me by sending an email 2 me @ doraemon423@doramail.com and i'll ask my papa 2 tell u the details coz i dunno much abt signing up... but u have 2 gimme yr email add or i cant contact u. lesson is twice a wk: sat and sun so it wont affect yr studies... there r only 3 students so far so i hope u will sign up. have fun!

Saturday, August 2, 2008'♥ Doraemon

You know what? My mum did something really funny!
When she was rollerblading one day (can't remember the exact date)
she..... CRASH!!!
fell into a flower pot!
And you guess what happened to the flower pot?
It broke!!!! LOL!
Well don't worry my mum said I could write about this if I want.
But I think it sure hurts!
So laugh hard when you see the first part,
but at least don't treat the WHOLE thing as a joke, ok?
Maybe give her some Get Well cards.
I'm not sure if I can give away her email address,
so send your Get Well cards to my email address:
Thank you!

'♥ Doraemon

The exams are coming!!!
Are you nervous?
OK,this are some studying tips I want to tell you.
Do NOT revise for more than 5 hours per day.
Rest if you are tired, don't force yourself or your mind will be too tired to
absorb knowledge and it is equivelent to not studying AT ALL.
Don't give yourself pressure.
If its your parents giving you pressure,
tell them that if you continue to study when you are too tired,
your health will suffer and you you will not be able to concentrate.
If you rest for a while and study again,
you are clearing your mind and letting it absorb even more knowledge.
You know why my results are not bad (I am not saying its fantastic) ?
Because I follow my studying tips above.
Remember my studying motto:
Play by Play,
Work by Work!

'♥ Doraemon

Hi everyone!
Well, I think I can still post.
My parents don't pressure-ise me!
I'm a free kid!
But I cannot post EVERYDAY.
If I don't have to revise for 12 hours per day does not mean I don't revise AT ALL, OK?
I revise 2-3 hours per day so I have time to post!
Nobita and the rest revise for 24 hours! LOL. OK no just joking.
I can still post jokes and riddles, but not the lessons, ok?
So don't get angry if you cannot see Nobita for the whole of August
cause he gives himself pressure...
I don't know why.
By the way, I'm a free kid!

Friday, August 1, 2008'♥ Doraemon

Q:Where are refrigerators built?
Yesterday's ans: Banana
Winners: Doraemon, Dorami
Participants:Doraemon, Dorami

'♥ Doraemon

Active, active.
Hi! Its me again, Nobita
I like to send post.
We are conducting a poem writing competition!
Send your poems to doraemonfc1997@doramail.com
You can either type it out in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works
and attach the document to your email or
just type your poem out in the email.
Tell us your name, class, email and age.
We will send you a cute Doraemon picture if you win!
We will announce the winners at the 13th of September.
Due: End of September holidays
We hope you will take part in this activity!

'♥ Doraemon

2)Math Textbk pg 66-70
3)Math Workbk Prac 1(Percentage)
4)Maths card activities

'♥ Doraemon

Dear Visitors of DoraemonFC blog, we are sorry but we have to close down the blog from tomorrow onwards until the 22nd of August due to our exams. We will continue posting after our exam week. We hope you will understand. -Doraemon